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Logansport is located on the west side of the Ohio River, north of Cass and Miami counties. It's named after Logans Port, the largest port in Indiana, and where I actually want to live (via Realtor.com). In the north and east of it there are flat hills that form a ridge in northern Cass / Miami County. The farmland south of us is generally flat, with a few small farms and a small number of small towns along the river.

The McHale Performing Arts Center, which has a full-service auditorium, theater, dance studio and dance hall, is connected to the school by a two-story building with an indoor / outdoor amphitheater that has a seating capacity of 2,000 people. The facility also hosts the other annual events of the department, including the art exhibition in May and June, as well as a variety of other events. These include shows and invitations such as the Logansport High School Music Festival and Indiana State Fair, as well as a number of special events for students.

There are all kinds of cuisine that gives you the opportunity to eat your favorites and try something new. Cooking in Cass County and eating out - related events at Logansport High School Music Festival, Indiana State Fair and other events. Check out the new highlights video from fairvote, which shows the progress of the ranking of election decisions up to 2020.

The Senior Citizens "Aid will offer a free webinar on" The Holidays "on December 9, 2020, presented by Teepa Snow. For further questions, please contact the Logansport Senior Helper's Office at (317) 888-5555. In addition, anyone can sponsor or contribute to the cost of the fireworks.

This year, we look forward to coordinating an afternoon of tricks - or treatments - with participating downtown businesses, "said Logan Landing, the county's business development manager. We encourage you to check out the latest developments at the following retailers in the city centre and share their information on their Facebook pages.

If you like to eat pork and are a gourmet of the community, this delicious event will be your favorite treat. If there's a tasting event where you can go from vendor to vendor and taste some of the best food, then there's the festival of the best food in the state.

The best food festival in the Hoosier State will include food trucks, live music, a beer garden and more, which will take place on the Foundation Stage. This celebration on the banks of the Sabine River will attract spectators from all over the state, but also from New York City and Chicago.

This touring troupe of soloists from the city also performs several live shows a year at McHale's, and facilities and equipment are provided by the City of Lafayette, the City of Port Indiana, the Lafayette Police Department and other local businesses.

Other attractions include an area for children called Kids Korner, which includes inflatables, games and prizes. Taste of Cass County takes place in downtown Logansport, and drivers can try to get a brass ring while driving. You can get a taste of what you can grab with the brass rings, as well as serve on the carousel and at games.

The Logansport Chamber of Commerce will host its annual Taste of Cass County event in the parking lot of the Logan Port Indiana Convention Center on Saturday, August 26, from 12: 00 to 4: 00 p.m.

In the early 20th century, Logansport was home to the pioneering brass-era automobile company Rutenber, which was previously based in Chicago and renamed the Western Motor Company after moving to Loganport. The city was a major stop for Pennsylvania Railroad trains that ran from Chicago to Cincinnati northwest-southeast and were served by an additional PRR login port station called Van Station. There was a much larger Pan-Henkel depot, which was demolished in 1962, as well as a small railway office.

The renovated Cass County Family Y is state of the art and the proximity provides all the amenities you will ever need nearby.

Spend the day in the park, sail the river, watch an evening show or spend the night in one of the many bars and restaurants in the city centre. As we continue to offer destinations that make our state wonderful, please take the right precautions and add them to your bucket list at a later date.

Legacy Outfitters is a unique retail company that also houses a wide range of clothing and accessories for men, women and children of all ages. Gifts are hand-cut boards, hand-painted furniture, accessories and much more. Black Dog Coffee Shop offers a limited Christmas tree and tree pruning service. Call ahead by ordering your tree on their Facebook page or pay online and order online.

What began in 1894 as a neighbourhood art club is now an art centre offering a wide variety of arts and crafts, music, dance and music education. McHale's PAC hosts the annual Winter Fantasy production, sponsored by the Logansport Performing Arts Center (LAPAC) and the City of Loganport. Children can put sweets on their Christmas shopping on Saturday, October 31, when the city offers their trick - or - fun. The fireworks display pays off with a weekly bingo game held every week at Logansports District Station.

More About Logansport

More About Logansport