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Dan Couch's three children heard the song on the radio before it aired, but its success hit a nerve with couches when they were on the beach in Michigan and several children started singing it to them. Couch said he and Moore had been moaning one afternoon and had just finished a song they couldn't remember talking about a truck they owned. Couch, who wanted to be the next Garth Brooks, wedged around for a few hours.

He said he had posted 'Somethin' Bout a Bout a Truck 'on his Facebook page and even friends abroad had heard about it. He said it was illustrated at a time when he was also noticing something in the Logansport music scene. As for someone like Jarvis, Swisher said his design needs were met by adding graphics to pages, making photocopies and hiring a tattooist. It is a world whose inhabitants are always looked after by someone who designs flyers and T-shirts.

Now Logansport-Mann Abom Designs designs posters, T-shirts and other merchandise for local bands and artists. He recently released a split album with San Francisco-based Dwarves and Detroit-based record label Grain. The dwarfs are produced by Detroit-based Grain Records, the same label as Logosport record labels like Blue Moon Records.

In addition to using Steinway parts, the height measurement of the bridge is the most difficult and requires the expertise of Steinway restorers. Asked if he had a Steinway that he wanted to restore, she said only Steinway's factory was suitable for restoration.

She recommended asking the members of Lindeblad questions that come to mind in case of doubt, such as the height of the bridge and the size of a Steinway bridge.

If you are on the market for a piano, please know what price you are on the market for and we would be happy to work with you and serve you. All Saints Day has also had the good fortune in recent years to have a number of outstanding young cantors, including those currently working in this capacity. Although we enjoy singing and have participated in school and church choirs in the past, we would be pleased if you would join us. The community is fortunate that many talented young men and women in their late 20s and early 20s participate in our group work, with some of the best young cantors, some of whom have also sung in the group.

Since the foundation of the parish in 1985, he has been Chief Organist and has been active in this function from the very beginning. He is a mentor to other cantors and choir members who have only recently entered the service.

The point of the literature is convincing, and I had expected the new piano to be hard to sell, but the experience he had with the family business told me that it gave him certainty.

Each family member had their own abilities and it was a pleasure to work with them, but they all had to have their own abilities, even though they all worked in the same room, in a very small space with very little space in between.

The All Saints congregation has a strong musical community, with a number of talented parishioners in various roles. Our second ensemble is the All Saints Choir, which sings both in the Sunday morning liturgy of the congregation and in the weekend liturgies. The choir members enjoy the fellowship that comes with being a choir member and the opportunity to participate in the liturgy in a special way on weekends. We hope that our music serves our community effectively and that music is an important part of how it positively influences our own lives.

The group consists mainly of middle and high school students with adult vocal and instrumental leadership. The members of the group are senior to middle school students and share their love of music with their families, friends and neighbors.

He is also survived by Jennifer and Jeff Moss and is the step-great-grandson of his wife of 20 years, Jennifer Moss, and son, David Moss. His great-grandchildren are Damon Moss Jr., his daughter and son-in-law Amanda and Michael Moss; his grandson and wife, Michael and Amanda; his granddaughter and her husband, Jason and Jennifer; her son and daughter-in-law; and her daughter Lisa and her husband and grandson Chris.

The visitation will take place on Wednesday, March 9, 2017, from 10 a.m. to noon at St. John's Episcopal Church in Logansport, Indiana. On Thursday, April 7, 2016, from 12 noon to 4 pm, the Church will host a celebration of life, led by Rev. Sam H. Smith, pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Logan Port.

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