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The sale in Lafayette recently raised more than $1.5 million in real estate sales in the Lafayette area. LandWatch recently looked at a number of properties for sale at Logans Port Indiana real estate agency.

The properties cover a total of 3,500 square feet of land in Lafayette, Lafayette and Port Indiana and have an average price of $1.5 million to $2 million per acre.

Recent data from LandWatch show an average price of $1.5 million to $2 million per acre in Lafayette, Lafayette and Port Indiana. The four properties in the Lafayette area and three in Port Indianapolis are valued at a combined $74 million, according to the report.

Lafayette County ranked 108th in the county's land listings and ranches for sale, based on recent LandWatch data. Indiana 4,3090 pheasant races and other hotspots and resources are listed in Lafayette real estate listings. Based on the latest data from the Indian Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Indiana ranks 50th for farms, ranches and other land currently advertised for sale, according to the report. And, based on recent Land Watch data for Wisconsin, Purdue University and the University of Indiana in Bloomington and Lafayette, it ranks 100 and 108, respectively.

The two-story house is located on a 1,500 square foot lot in the east of the city. Plot # 1 with facade on W. Craigslist has a price tag of $1.5 million, or $2.6 million for a 2,000-acre lot. The property, on a lot on the southwest corner of East Main Street and West Washington Street, is for sale on Craigslist for $3.2 million. Plot # 2 with $4.3 million of facades on West Broadway Street has Plot # 1 with a $5.4 million price tag and Plot # 3 with a $6.1 million price tag.

You can search Lafayette's hottest homes, search apartment values, search more than 29 listings, filter by price, price range, property type and more. You can research the value of a home and see what the estate agents at Better Homes & Gardens have to say about what they have. Other properties in Indiana, including hunting land currently for sale in the state, as well as land in Lafayette, Lafayette County and other parts of Indiana. OH has a list of properties for sale in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and Lafayette. Register with Land Farm to learn more about the most popular land and real estate locations in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky and get the Land Farm search parameters that suit you.

View the information about Lafayette, Lafayette County, Indiana and other parts of Indiana to learn more about Lafayette, Lafayette County and other parts of Indiana. Check out the information about Lafayette real estate areas in the map below to learn more about the most popular rural and real estate locations in Indiana, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Lafayette. Purdue University's Lafayette Real Estate Area is featured on the maps below and on the Indiana State Land and Real Estate website Too much money for Lafayette and Indiana's Land & Property.

Currently, 38 new and used mobile homes in Lafayette are listed for sale and rent. Find the perfect house for rent in West Lafayette, see apartments for rent near Lafayette School in Sanford. Lafayette real estate for rent to find the best prices in the Lafayette real estate area on the Indiana State Land and Real Estate website. Currently, 9 new or used mobile homes are being sought in an MHVillageFor Sale and Rent for Lafayette!

Find a great buying opportunity for a fixer in Oklahoma in this list, detailed information about this house and others are provided. Check out the Indiana State Land and Real Estate website for the latest information on properties for sale and rent in the Lafayette region.

This Fixer Upper house is currently for sale in Oklahoma City, where the average value is $224,900. Find and find the cheapest house for sale, compare real estate, take a look at the real estate photos listed in this photo and compare and view cheap condominiums in Indiana. The lowest prices for a home in the Lafayette area of Indiana compared to real estate to find and find. Consider cheap condos in OKC, compare with real estate listings, consider cheap condos in Okla., compare real estate and have a look at the cheap apartments in Lafayette, Indiana in our list of the 10 cheapest homes on the market. Finding and finding the cheapest home for sale in Indianapolis compares with a real estate listing in Indy, considering the inexpensive properties in Louisville, Indianapolis and Lafayette in their photo lists.

Most cities in Indiana, including Indianapolis, have a variety of homes and rental apartments on the market at affordable prices. The average rent for an apartment in Indiana is $953 per month, so an apartment in Indianapolis would be considered cheap here. Fixer Upper Farmland for sale in Oklahoma, which includes row farms, is easy to find. Apartments are also available at the Indiana State Museum, a 19th-century recreation of Indiana's past with interactive exhibits.

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