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Ball State University basketball fans have learned that the Central American Conference tournament will have fans in the stands. The Big Ten announced that all sports events, including basketball, football, baseball, men's and women's football, volleyball, golf, athletics, lacrosse, football and athletics, as well as baseball and softball, and football and basketball tournaments, will have fans starting March 12.

The Indiana National Guard says it will begin examining sites for alternative health facilities. The state began testing the Hoosiers at 20 sites last week, bringing the number of sites this week to 50. The state will then begin testing at 30 sites, with the possibility of expanding to 100 sites by the end of the week and up to 200 in the coming weeks, according to a news release from the Indiana State Police's Office of Emergency Management. In response to the death of a U.S. Army veteran in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on February 22, 2016, they said they will begin evaluating the sites as alternative health facilities on Wednesday, March 1.

Indiana officials say they will open COVID-19 tests to more Hoosiers if the criteria are expanded. Indiana State Police and the Indiana National Guard's Office of Emergency Management began testing in Fort Wayne and Fairbanks on Wednesday, March 1, 2016.

The use of the host site provides access to the Indiana State Police, Indiana National Guard and Indiana Department of Homeland Security. The University of Fort Wayne and the US Army Corps of Engineers will serve as host sites for the COVID-19 tests.

Footballers of all ages can join Robert Mathis and other experts in a skills camp on June 15. A live stream will be available on the University of Fort Wayne Facebook page and will be available live on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for more information.

Indiana University says the fall semester will have a customized calendar for the first time in more than a decade. Indiana University announced that a new year calendar and a change in the number of courses for the fall and spring semesters were planned for the fall semester. Indianapolis, Indiana State University, Indiana, Fort Wayne, IUPUI, Purdue University and Indiana Tech all say the fall semesters will have a customized - the - calendar.

Indiana has moved into the revised Level 5 of the Indiana State University System Board of Regents and has introduced a new annual calendar for the 2016-17 academic year (except Cass County) through May 18. Indiana has entered the fourth stage of its revised decision by the state university board of directors, beginning its first year of full-time enrollment in the 2017-18 school year, with the exception of Cass County, through June 18, 2017.

The Indiana State University System Board of Regents will vote on the new calendar for the 2016-17 academic year at its meeting in Indianapolis on May 18, 2017.

Logansport High School offers a variety of men's sports, including men's basketball, women's volleyball, football, athletics, cross-country skiing and volleyball. In addition to football, basketball and athletics, the school also teaches football teams 2A, 3A and 4A, as well as volleyball and basketball.

In Logansport, the school is nicknamed "Berries," which is an interesting and unique story of its own, which comes from the fruits grown in the town. When they opened their new gym in 1927, some in the press suggested calling it Berry Bowl.

Berry Box "would simply not sound right, and in 1973 the name would be transferred to the modern basketball gym, which is more of a boxing shape. The Berry Bowl had a large concession stand that offered all the usual treats you find in most Indiana high schools, but it was compressed to reflect the design of the gym itself. On this area there were a few tables and stands with merchandise and raffle prizes, as well as a trophy case in honor of the lonely state title of the school, a basketball court and a football field. Anyone who built a gym in the Berry Bowl era in the 1970s can still buy this design in various variations, but Berry Box simply doesn't sound right.

Fans of all ages were greeted at the entrance to the facility, and Felix greeted fans large and small as he joined the school band before the game. The cheerleaders danced and circled in the middle of the court and the crowd was excited before each game, but Felix was greeted by fans large and small before joining the student section and band during the games.

The original Berry Bowl gym was inaugurated in February 1927 and Felix was to appear in photos in cheerleaders "yearbooks from 1930 to 1932. In December 1926, the cat was the mascot for the first game of the 1926-27 season against the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The rag doll cartoon was adopted and became the official mascot of Logansport High School football and basketball teams. On the front pages of all the newspapers and posters of the school there were pictures of Felix, and there were photos of him as mascot, as well as posters for games.

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